Holland & Lee Builders – Gloucester’s Property Renovation Experts

With housing prices having rocketed across the UK over the past few years, more and more homeowners are choosing to invest in property renovation rather than move. There are a number of reasons why improving your property through house extension, loft conversion and similar projects is a good idea. Here are just a few, for the benefit of prospective clients in Gloucester, which is situated close-by our Cheltenham base.



5 Reasons to Invest in Property Renovation


  1. Property Valuation – One of the major reasons our Gloucester clients invest in property renovation is that it can greatly improve their home’s valuation. The difference in price between a renovated 4-bed home and a long-neglected 4 –bed home of similar size in a similar area can be stark. Property renovation essentially serves as a long term investment you can immediately enjoy.

  2. Space – If you could do with a little more space in your property, whether it be for dining, sleeping or working – why not look into a house extension? Some of our Gloucester clients find that a loft conversion is more suitable for their particular requirements, but if you’re unsure give our builders a call for free advice. Both are fantastic ways to get more out of your home.

  3. Save Money – Many owners of old, antiquated homes around Gloucester find their heating bills can be a little on the expensive side. We can swap out single-glazed windows for double-glazed ones and improve your insulation as part of our property renovation services. Not only will your home look fantastic, but you’ll use less energy and save money.

  4. Alternative to Moving – Moving home can be an arduous experience. Holland & Lee Builders could instead provide you with a fantastic new house extension or loft conversion, or if you’re happy with the space you currently have, carry out a more conventional property renovation. This could freshen up your home and scratch the “need to move” itch without any of the associated stress.

  5. It’s the Right Time – Gloucester has become increasingly popular amongst property-hunters. This means house prices are on the rise, and the properties benefiting most from this trend are those that appear well-maintained and up-to-date. Our builders can help ensure that if the time comes for you to sell, your property reels in a flurry of attractive offers that appreciate the property renovation, house extension or loft conversion you’ve invested in.


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