Stuck for Conversion Inspiration? Our Cheltenham Builders Can Help!

With over 35-years of experience carrying out house extension, loft conversion and property renovation around Cheltenham, our builders have delivered some truly one-of-a-kind projects. On this page we’ve looked to list a few more run-of-the-mill loft conversion ideas for those looking for inspiration.



Loft Conversion Ideas


Attic Bedroom – One idea popular with Cheltenham clients is turning the space into a new bedroom. This can significantly increase the value of your property, or if you’re searching for new streams of revenue, allow you to take in a lodger. If you’re about to invest in property renovation, then consider how your attic can be better used. After all, having a spare room available is never a bad idea. We can install windows and sky lights to ensure the bedroom isn’t dim, and work with you to ensure all your stylistic wishes are incorporated.


Home Office Loft – Homeowners around Cheltenham often find it difficult to create a dedicated study or office, as most rooms are being used for other purposes. If your attic is currently functioning as a storage space with little in it, then why not turn it into a quiet, functional space where you can get valuable work done?


Loft Dining Area – Although it’s perhaps more common in Cheltenham to see a rear house extension used as a dining area, our builders are regularly taken on for loft conversion projects that establish a new dining area. To breathe some life into the space, we can paint your attic walls a bright colour and provide fantastic matching furniture.


Den or Play Area – Ever dreamed of having a dedicated space to watch movies or play games in? Set up a cosy den and retreat whenever you feel the need to unwind. Alternatively, set up a play area for your children. You won’t find yourself treading on a stray Lego brick ever again!


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